Celebrate Your Local Jane Jacobs

A campaign dedicated to acknowledging and honouring women who have made substantial, hands-on contributions to their communities through civic engagement and participatory planning, empowering their communities and creating a lasting impact for future generations. We see their influence as not only inspiring but also capable of extending to other communities.

Just as Jane Jacobs is globally recognized for her important achievements, we recognize that there is a ‘Jane Jacobs’ in every country, city, village, or tribe. These women have left an indelible mark on people’s lives, shaping the way their communities interact with their surroundings. In an effort to decolonize the narrative, our aim is to bring these leaders to the fore.

For more information and to submit your application or nominate a candidate by June 15th 2024 refer to our website: https://celebrateyourlocaljanejacobs.org/

This initiative is supported by the Regional Climate and Energy (C&E) Project MENA at Friedrich Ebert Stiftung MENA which advocates women's empowerment. The Project recognizes the importance of gender equality and works toward creating a more inclusive, socially just and equitable society. The C&E Project believes empowering women is crucial for achieving sustainable development, promoting human rights, and fostering social justice and inclusiveness.

Honouring Habiba Eid (1941 – 2015)

Habiba Eid, the inspiration behind the ‘Celebrate Your Local Jane Jacobs’ award, was born in Ismailia, a small city on the Suez Canal in Egypt. A true leader whose compass was clear and centered around serving her people, she spent a considerable amount of time in the field, particularly in informal areas, engaging and empowering local people, a fact that put her in numerous confrontations with authorities. Her persistence, endurance and clear people-oriented agenda coupled with diplomacy and social intelligence allowed her to implement several projects and initiatives. Habiba played a vital role for the people of Ismailia including saving them from several involuntary relocations and demolitions. Those who worked closely with her witnessed her active engagement on all levels and across many scales. She managed to lead and guide international experts, gain the confidence of international donors, convince government officials, and most importantly was loved and appreciated by the informal settlement dwellers. Her humble attitude and the unlimited support she offered to the local community continues to be her legacy long after her passing.

It is in recognition and in celebration of Habiba as one of many women leaders ‘unsung heroes’ that this initiative has been created. The award aims to shed light on others who have made an impact in their own unique contexts. In recognizing and celebrating such models, we can help them serve as an inspiration for others and can bring to the fore voices from the Global South who are not always given a platform to demonstrate their work. We could not find a more suitable day to launch this initiative than on 26th April, Habiba’s birthday.


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