Economic Policies for Social Justice

The regional project Economic Policies for Social Justice, in partnership with the British University of Bath - the Social Policy Network in the Middle East and North Africa region and the Canadian University of Western, organized a brainstorming workshop centered on “The status of social protection for persons with disabilities in Tunisia”.

It should be noted that this initial meeting falls within the initial preparations for work on a joint community project between the Social Policy Network in the Middle East and North Africa region at the University of Bath in Britain and the relevant active partners to work in a participatory manner in order to develop social policies in the field of social commitment to persons with disabilities. in Tunisia.

In fact, organizing the Policy Lab in-person was a significant learning opportunity, emphasizing the importance of accessibility and inclusivity. It highlighted how to accommodate participants with diverse disabilities and needs, ensuring their active engagement.

Furthermore, in the context of this workshop, we had the opportunity to present the main findings of the policy review conducted by Professor Ayssen Makni, which is a report on the situation of people with disabilities: This comprehensive report produced at the onset of the project served as a crucial asset, providing a detailed overview of the legal framework, statistics, and the social protection system concerning people with disability in Tunisia. This report identified key areas for advocacy and reform, offering numerous pathways to ensure that no one is left behind in the pursuit of enhancing the social protection system. FES is using the key output of this report in its advocacy campaigns with policy maker and IFIs.