Game 2121

About this Game

2121 is a groundbreaking story-driven multiplayer educational game co-produced by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Lebanon office and Project 21, aiming to use the strengths of gaming to build a better reality through adventure, competition and community building. This game invites players to form an understanding of the society and community around them. It talks about leadership and most importantly, active citizenship.

Set a century ahead in a world grappling with climate change, tech troubles, and conflict, this game offers a safe space for players to explore solutions. As decision-makers in a fictional realm, they collaborate, compete, build, and learn from both victories and setbacks, all in pursuit of a brighter future. A future that includes gender equality, sustainable development, dignity, and social Justice.

The main mission of this game is to advance civic literacy and involve young people from the MENA region and other parts of the world in becoming informed, engaged, and responsible local and global citizens. 2121 isn't just an Android or iOS game; it's a learning environment. The educational content of 2121 has been meticulously crafted as an educational tool to empower civil society actors in their learning programs. Its comprehensive curriculum is tackling 90 topics, categorised into different strands: 1) dignity, equality, and sustainable development; 2) governance; and 3) active citizenship. Many of these topics are cross-cutting and they tackle basic rights providing a wellspring of inspiration and guidance for youth to actively contribute to the discovery of innovative solutions to contemporary challenges.

Each global challenge and topic is introduced through a captivating narrative. These stories are then complemented by rich texts with factual information, practical advice, and insightful analysis. This ensures players aren't simply playing, but they are actively learning and developing critical thinking skills as well as strategy planning. Forget boring lectures and classes, this is a game-changer for becoming an educated and empowered citizen!

Young people around the world are leading the movement for change. Through this game you can learn to be part of it. Are you ready to join the effort of shaping a tomorrow worth living ? 2121 needs you and Earth's fate hangs in the balance.

Unleash your inner hero today. Play 2121.

How to Use this Game

2121 is designed as a knowledge tool to empower CSOs and institutions in the MENA region and around the world in their efforts to promote civic literacy. 2121 is not another strategy game, it actually challenges players to navigate decision-making processes crucial for shaping the future world. The game is fun and engaging but most importantly, it is educational.

Unlike other games, it makes players question their values and ambitions, with decisions that go beyond the virtual, shaping their real-life perspectives. By playing users can level up their social skills and learn to fight for what's right. This game isn't just about action and adventure; it's a virtual classroom where active citizenship, diversity, and sustainability take centre stage.

As a potent tool for engaging and educating youth, 2121 serves as a cornerstone in training programs for regional and international organisations. Tailored lessons and manuals can be designed to facilitate seamless integration of the game into educational initiatives, further solidifying its role as a catalyst for fostering active citizenship and shaping the leaders of tomorrow.



The 2121 World and its three camps

This game is set in the future 100 years from now when planet Earth has been devastated by climate change, unethical technological advances, conflict, and real-world issues.

Back in the 21st century there was a global effort to find solutions that would not harm future generations. These solutions were developed in "sustainability hubs," but they were not integrated into a unified plan and members instead focused on their own little patches. Plus, they couldn't even agree on what the future should look like.

That's where "One world, one future for all" came in. It was like a big connected world in which great leaders tried to talk things out and find common ground. Apparently, the most important topic was climate change! Some folks wanted to reduce what caused it, but others thought it was a lost cause that no one should fight for! Well, the wrong crowd ended up winning, so, here we are, with this reminder of a past attempt at global unity… Which makes you wonder, could we do it better this time?

2121 provides an engaging and safe environment to explore solutions for current global challenges through 3 main camps; Kwan, Xon, and Tiwa. You are put in the shoes of decision makers and are challenged to shape the future of the world by collaborating and competing, building and disrupting, failing and trying again.

1- Kwan Camp

2- Xon Camp

3- Tiwa Camp