Social Dialogue for a Fair and Equitable Migration

The accessibility of legal channels is the best strategy to fight irregular migration. However, the elaboration and monitoring of bilateral agreements remain a governmental exclusivity and a diplomatic negotiation tool penalized by a weak participatory approach towards social partners.

Legal migration channels remain very weak and benefit only skilled jobs. The unskilled labour force is compartmentalised as a pool of undocumented workers, responding to economic needs at low cost. This process requires effective social dialogue to ensure that these channels are established in accordance with international labour standards and are part of a strategy consistent with national employment policies.

These regulatory tools are an institutional means of establishing a dialogue between the social partners of the host and home countries and constitute a potential lever for good governance, a guarantee of genuine co-development and social progress on both sides of the Mediterranean

Ahmed wants to emigrate: Graphic animation from the study: an individual project, without the support of a migration policy


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