Midterm Conference of the Regional Thematic Network

Human Mobility: Changing Conditions of Transnational Migration and Displacement

Midterm Conference of the Regional Thematic Network from 10/09/2016 until 10/15/2016 in Berlin

From 10/09/2016 until 10/15/2016 in Berlin

The Regional Thematic Network midterm conference – the second conference of this programme – was dedicated to the topic of human mobility. Together with guest speakers, political representatives and civil society activists participants from 12 different countries in the MENA region discussed key issues of human mobility such as transnational migration, displacement and refugees, hosting and transit countries. The conference thus provided a space for the group to look into contemporary as well as historical experiences, which shape the complex interdependencies between the two sides of the Mediterranean. During a political tour and a field trip in Berlin the participants also gained insight into the experiences of different immigrant generations as well as the current situation of refugees from the MENA region in Germany.


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