From Beirut to Khartoum and from Rabat to Teheran, our FES colleagues, partners as well as guest contributors share their insights from the ground and offer food for thought on current developments in the MENA region.

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07.03.2022 | Blog

End of the campaign - our “Climate for Justice” fight continues!

Climate change and social justice are closely interlinked. The consequences of climate change threaten to further exacerbate the existing inequalities...


02.12.2021 | Blog

Forest fires in Algeria: causes, consequences, and solutions

This year's summer was, to say the least, exceptional. While the world was facing a new wave of Covid-19, a series of forest fires broke out in...


30.09.2021 | Blog, Political Feminism | Press

Capitalist Patriarchal Nightmare, Ecofeminist Awakening

We must dismantle capitalist patriarchy that thrives on exploiting women and nature to attain a socially and environmentally just future.


30.08.2021 | Blog

Climate for Justice!

The social aspects of the coming transformation demand to play a central role, we simply cannot afford to keep looking the other way.


23.07.2021 | Blog

Human rights and migrants in Libya, a conversation with activist Tariq Lamlum.

What about the human rights situation in Libya? We interviewed Tarik Lamloum from the Libyan NGO Belaady on this issue.


06.07.2021 | Blog

Assessing the First 100 Days of the Government of National Unity

Libya’s new executive authority was named in Geneva in early February 2021 by the members of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF), following the...


23.06.2021 | Blog

What are the consequences of the communication mistakes during the Covid-19 pandemic?

The communication errors in dealing with the Coronavirus began early, when the media raced to present news about the “bat” theory in China, or that...


22.06.2021 | Blog

Abdelrahim Bilal: What happened here is a bit far from the “Arab Spring”

FES Sudan have the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Abdelrahim Bilal to the office for this interview to review the situation in the region, and in Sudan in...


22.04.2021 | Blog

Tawergha: Ten Years of Displacement

Years have passed since the evacuation of the town of Tawergha in northwestern Libya. The predominantly black people of the town have had a tumultuous...


Photo: E.J. Karmel
26.03.2021 | Blog

Jordan’s Mobilization Merry-Go-Round

March 24 marked the 10-year anniversary of the height of Jordan’s “Arab Spring”. Despite the politically charged decade that followed, little has...



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