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The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is suffering more from the implications of climate change than most other world regions. The rise in extreme weather conditions such as floods and droughts, a growing shortage of water, desertification and harvest losses that come with rising costs of food, are some of the most obvious consequences.

By advocating for an energy transition into renewable energy, we challenge the fossil fuel driven economies of many of the MENA countries and encourage the exploration of the enormous economic potential of solar and wind energy with a daily average of nine hours of sun. Not only businesses and investors should benefit of the energy transition, but also citizens, households and municipalities.

Thus, we search solutions for a just transition in the energy sector ensuring both, the protection of the planet and the people.

With our regional partner organizations and environmental activists, we promote the concept of international and domestic climate justice. We train our partners, civil society organisations, in climate diplomacy and bring them together with governments, support research and policy advising in the energy and climate change sector and work on local solutions for adaptation and energy efficiency on the ground.

Climate Action Network - Arab World Infographics

Climate Action Network - Arab World Infographics

The MENA region continues to be a region with a huge potential for the expansion of renewable energy sources. Renewable energy sources nevertheless only account for 2.5% of total regional energy production in 2015. At... More


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| Climate and Energy | Events

10 th sustainable cities conference "Just Cities" 28-29th of September, 2021.

The Conference will focus on just and sustainable urban practices in MENA cities by exploring interlinkages between health, socioeconomics, and…


24.09.2020 | Climate and Energy | Events

Global Green Deals Forum

social.democratic.climate just.


28.04.2020 | Climate and Energy | Events

The Role of Youth and Civil Society in Shaping the MENA Energy Transition – Projections on COVID19 Recovery Opportunities

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung discussed on the 28th of April how to lead a transition to renewable energy and migrate away from the regional dependency…


02.04.2020 | Climate and Energy | Events

Transformation Processes of Energy Companies - Application to Jordan

The Beirut Debates series focusses on the role of regional actors in local conflicts.



07.10.2021 | Climate and Energy | Press

10th sustainable cities conference: “Just Cities”

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Regional Climate and Energy Project MENA in cooperation with Carboun concluded their 10th year sustainable cities conference…


19.02.2021 | Climate and Energy | Press

e-Buses in the MENA region to tackle transportation, pollution and sustainability

Climate change, renewables and battery technology development renew the interest in electric mobility and with it the “new” electric bus! An early…


02.10.2020 | Climate and Energy | Press

Urban Resilience and the Danger of Urbanization without Urbanism

Can we live sustainably and just in cities in the future? Will land flight make cities a hotspot for environmental degradation and social injustice?


02.10.2020 | Climate and Energy | Press

Urbanization in the MENA region: A Benefit or a Curse?

Cities of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region share many characteristics that are not limited to their shared heritage, traditional urban…


Sarah Hepp

Director of the Regional Climate & Energy Project


Abdallah Alshamali

Program Manager
Climate & Energy Project


Dina Kisbi

Program Manager
Climate & Energy Project


Farah Khalaf

Finance Manager
Climate & Energy Project



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