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11. What a feminist approach to the Middle East conflict could look like  
One of the principles of feminist foreign policy is to lay down arms to enable humanitarian aid  
12. Singleview Blog  
Would you like to contribute to this blog? Share your ideas with our team!  
11.12.2023 | Blog | Blog
Global Grain Markets
In North Africa, where millions of people are highly dependent on cereals and bread, Cairo hosts the world's most significant market for imported cereals. Jörg Gertel's book, "Global Grain Markets,"  
14. Mishkal – Kaleidoskop  
Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Regional Project "Mishkal – Kaleidoskop" P.O. Box 941876 Amman 11194, Jordan +962 6 500 83 35 +962 6 569 64 78 amman(at) Dr. Magdalena Kirchner Director…  
17.11.2023 | Events | Events
Invitation Artwork Presentation
The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung kindly invites you to the artwork presentation on December 7th, 09.30 am – 15.00 pm Foundry Art Gallery, Gallery 8, Boulevard Crescent, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid…  
15.11.2023 | Blog | Blog
The True Value of Bread as a Reflection of Social Inequality in Tunisia
Tunisia's bakers went on strike from 2 to 19 August 2023. Bread is indispensable in Tunisian culinary culture and a sensitive political issue. The price of bread is considered a crucial red line of…  
17. Just Transition for Female Agricultural Workers  
This article discusses the status of female agricultural workers in the Arab world, examining the challenges they encounter as a result of climate change. It also explores the importance of the…  
18. Contact us  
Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Tunisia Office 4, rue Bachar Ibn Bord B.P. 63, 2078 La Marsa Tunisia (+216) 71 775 343 (+216) 71 742 895 More Regional Climate and Energy Project …  
19. Embracing Ecofeminism: Shifting the Focus to a Life-Centered Economy  
The article emphasizes the need for a shift towards a life-centered economy that embraces the principles of ecofeminism and prioritizes gender equality, social justice, and environmental…  
20. In Search of Financial Justice  
The global financial system is dysfunctional. And yet, calls for reforms that better meet the needs of the Global South continue to face resistance  
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