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12.10.2023 | Events | Events
How can the MENA Region achieve climate justice and development under austerity?
CSPF session: Friday 13,October 2023 9:00 am – 10:30 am SC03 Saghro & Online  
22. Arab News, 12.10.2023: New book highlights Pioneering Feminists from the Arab world  
The book which is aimed at children, was supported by the German foundation Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, which operates across the MENA region.  
10.10.2023 | Events | Events
The Impact of IFI's on Social Protection in the Arab Region
This event falls on the first day of the IMF-WBG Civil Society Policy Forum (CSPF) and gathers the community of CSO representatives working on social and economic policies  
09.10.2023 | Events | Events
Financing Universal Social Protection Systems in the Arab Region
Thursday , 12 October - 9 to 10:30 AM Morocco Time  
09.10.2023 | Events | Events
IMF Quota and SDR Reforms: Building an International Architecture Capable of Responding to Evolving Challenges
⏰️Book the Date: 13 Oct 11:15 West Join our CSPF session IMF Quota and SDR Reforms International Monetary Fund at Marrakech Annual Meetings  
06.10.2023 | Events | Events
We Are in Marrakech: Dignity instead of Austerity
Annual Meetings of the world Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund in Marrakech - Morocco - Oct 9-15,2023  
05.10.2023 | Events | Events
IFI's Climat, Finance and Social Spending
Climate finance has been a cooptation tool in the hands of neoliberal multilateralism whereas, it could be turned into an opportunity to: i) redistribute financial resources within and between…  
28. A Tug of War and Peace in Yemen  
As a key chapter of the Yemen war nears its end, risks of disruptions to the peace remain — with potentially dire consequences for the population.  
29. In the Mood for Love: Towards a Gender, Environmental and Social Revolution  
This article is a call to action. A call to Love. Radically. Open your heart and as you read through, allow yourself to feel through.  
30. Privacy Policy  
Privacy Policy The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung e.V. attaches the utmost importance to the protection of your personal data. It strictly adheres to the legal provisions governing the permissibility of…  
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