Young Leaders Programme Jordan

Since 2010, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Jordan trains young men and women on political, social, and economic challenges faced by their country and the region, and trains them to become active members of society. FES Jordan is committed to empower youth through young leaders’ programme that selects 60 participants from all regions in Jordan and undergo a year full of capacity building workshops on different topics under the three pillars of: political, social, and economic challenges. 30 young leaders of highly performing from the first phase are selected to participate in advanced Young Leaders Programme with a focus on human rights, advocacy skills, leadership skills and dialogue and facilitation skills. Through this project, FES Jordan has managed to establish a youth network of nearly 450 young people from all over Jordan to this day.


Youth Participation

Youth Participation

Throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), young people make up a large part of the population, and yet they are often not involved in political decision-making processes. Young people who felt politically and economically marginalised and not taken seriously by those in power, played a significant role during the uprisings of 2010/11. More