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31. Feminism and Green Anarchism  
Creating small, anarcho-communities with diverse tree-rich lands, where lifelong use is practiced instead of ownership, offers the most effective alternative to challenging patriarchal economic…  
32. Nawaat, 12.09.2023; Dreams and Disillusionment: Tunisian Migrants in Italy  
Each year, thousands of Tunisians attempt the perilous journey across the Mediterranean in order to reach Italy. But dreams of an Italian promised land fall away as migrants are faced with a harsh…  
33. Assistance and protection of migrant workers  
Voices out of the Shadows Opening of the Migrant Information and Orientation Center (CIOM) Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Promoting Migration Governance 4, rue Bachar Ibn Bord B.P 63 2078 La Marsa …  
34. Extractivism, Gender Inequality, and Queer Marginalization in Morocco  
This article explores the impact of extractivism in Morocco, focusing on gender inequality and the marginalization of queer individuals. It explores the need for intersectional feminist…  
11.09.2023 | Blog | Blog
Mohamed Ali in Berlin: 100 years of Tunisian syndicalism
Close to the Avenue Habib Bourguiba in Tunis, especially known since the uprisings of the Tunisian ...  
06.09.2023 | Events | Events
For Regular Entry, Residence and Settlement in the ECOWAS zone: the Case of Senegal
In collaboration with RAFEM (Réseau d'Appui aux Femmes et Enfants en Migration), a space for dialogue was set up for the first time to offer migrant women support in settling in Senegal.  
06.09.2023 | Events | Events
Migrant Workers in Senegal: Towards an Inclusive Social Protection System
As part of its awareness-raising caravan activities, CARISM (Comité d'Action et de Réflexion Intersyndicale sur la Migration) has carried out several awareness-raising campaigns.  
06.09.2023 | Events | Events
Protection of Migrant Workers and International Standards in Mali
Protecting the rights of migrant workers is an important field of trade union collaboration in Mali. This cooperation was initiated by two major trade union centers, the Confédération Syndicale des…  
39. Climate and Energy  
In the coming decades, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is expected to be disproportionately affected by climate change impacts, such as further desertification and water scarcity.…  
40. Migration  
View all events View all press articles Sami Adouani Project Director (+216) 71 77 53 43 (+216) 98 36 70 14 email Rami Walha Finance Officer and Programme Assistant (+216) 71…  
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