07.10.2021 | Climate and Energy | Press

10th sustainable cities conference: “Just Cities”

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Regional Climate and Energy Project MENA in cooperation with Carboun concluded their 10th year sustainable cities conference…


30.09.2021 | Blog, Political Feminism, FES Regional Peace and Security Project | Press

Capitalist Patriarchal Nightmare, Ecofeminist Awakening

We must dismantle capitalist patriarchy that thrives on exploiting women and nature to attain a socially and environmentally just future.


05.07.2021 | Political Feminism | Press

Smashing the Patriarchy & Co: How Arab Feminists are Re-politicizing their Movement

This essay explores the ways in which Arab feminists are re-politicizing their movement and offers an overview of the strategies that are currently…


25.02.2021 | Political Feminism | Press

Advancing National Mechanisms for Women’s Rights and Gender Equality

Following the first World Conference on Women in Mexico in 1975, the World Plan for Action for the Implementation of the Objectives of International…


19.02.2021 | Climate and Energy | Press

e-Buses in the MENA region to tackle transportation, pollution and sustainability

Climate change, renewables and battery technology development renew the interest in electric mobility and with it the “new” electric bus! An early…



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