Iran has Voted

How Can and Will the Transatlantic Community React?


On June 18, Iranians cast their votes to choose the successor of President Hassan Rouhani, who couldn’t run again due to term limits. The run-up to the elections has been shaped by the massive exclusion of moderate and reformist candidates, which turned ultra-conservative Ebrahim Raisi into the frontrunner for the presidential race. Many Iranians were outraged and considered boycotting the elections in protest. We will take a closer look at the election results and the consequences these elections will have for Iran, the state of diplomacy on the nuclear deal, and the transatlantic agenda for relations with Iran.

How Can and Will the Transatlantic Community React?


Public Zoom Event on Tuesday, June 29, 2021

10 - 11 AM EDT  //  16 - 17 PM CEST

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Cornelius Adebahr
Carnegie Europe, Berlin

Narges Bajoghli
Johns Hopkins University, Washington DC

David Jalilvand (Moderator)                  
Orient Matters, Berlin