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41. Regional Climate and Energy Project  
View all events View all press articles  Sarah Hepp Director of the Regional Climate & Energy Project sarah.hepp(at) Dina Kisbi Program Manager Climate & Energy…  
25.08.2023 | Blog | Blog
The Lebanese Economic Crisis and its Effects on Youth
It is no secret that Lebanon has been facing one of the worst economic crises in recent history, with the country’s GDP plummeting from about 55 billion US dollars in 2018 to 20 billion US dollars in…  
43. Feminists Reject International Monetary Fund’s Strategy Toward Mainstreaming Gender #NotInOurName  
the IMF has a historical record of refusing to abide by the human rights ....  
44. Jordan Daily, 05.08.2023: FES more than just a Donor, says Schwersensky  
In a world marked by a political incertainties and the constant quest for democratic freedom, The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) stands out as an organization dedicated to fostering the building…  
45. The IMF and Gender Equality in MENA: The Never Traveled Road  
This article unpacks the effects of IMF policies on gender equality as a whole, with a particular focus on unpaid and underpaid labor.  
03.08.2023 | Blog | Blog
The Tunisian Youth in a Whirlwind of Uncertainty
"Youth" is a term frequently used to identify a segment of the population. Often youth are defined by their age group or as those in the transition period between adolescence and adulthood.  
47. A Prison Guard for Europe  
The EU aims to externalise its borders and repel migrants deemed undesirable — a new deal with Tunisia assigns them a key role.  
48. IFIs and Social Protection: Gender Equality in Limbo  
By promoting austerity, shrinking fiscal spaces, imposing the "cascade approach", and shaping development paradigms, IFIs undermine social protection and exacerbate gender inequalities.  
49. A Highly Explosive Situation  
The conflict in Sudan continues, threatening to spill over to other parts of the region and creating one of the fastest-growing refugee crises.  
50. Gendered Implications of Austerity on the Education of Girls  
This article explores the gendered implications of gender-blind structural adjustment programs (SAP) on the education of girls and vulnerable groups in Lebanon.  
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