The current faces of Arab feminism

It was young Arab women who mainly drove the events that led to the so-called Arab Spring. They demanded socioeconomic justice and mobilised protesters. On the frontlines, they paid the highest price for their activism, risking rape, imprisonment and even death – by marching. They built cross-regional solidarities, graffitied, tweeted, blogged, facebooked and instagramed.

Most of these women were cyber-activists unaffiliated with any prominent women’s organisations. Their participation added an important dimension to demands for dignity, freedom and justice: No one is free when Arab women are treated as second-class citizens. Young Arab feminists see women’s rights first and foremost as human and citizenship rights. As the Spring passed, these activists continued their struggle and defined its future course. This generation learned, as others before them, that when men fight for liberation they only want it for themselves, not for women.


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