24.11.2017 | Economic Policies for Social Justice | Events

Launching Publication Regional Conference

A new publication by FES is set to shed light on the causes and costs of economic injustices and present feasible alternatives for new economic…


22.11.2017 | Program Migration | Events

To relaunch the governmental dialogue around the bilateral social security agreement between Morocco and Italy

Under the leadership of Moroccan and Italian RSMMS members, a seminar was held in partnership with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Morocco office in…


09.11.2017 | Program Migration | Events

Consultative meeting with Tunisian institutions on the plan of action of the PROMIG-FES (2017-2020) project

In order to support the implementation of Tunisia's future national migration strategy, the PROMIG project organized, in partnership with the Tunisian…


07.11.2017 | Program Migration | Events

Arab-African migration to EU: for a social approach on migration

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation Spain teamed up with the Casa Árabe and the Spanish member unions of the RSMMS to organize a conference on the state of…


18.10.2017 | Program Migration | Events

Trade unions mission - Agadez

A delegation of 13 unionists from all three regions of the RSMMS were joined by a representative of ITUC Africa and a representative of the OTAO to…


15.09.2017 | Regional Young Leaders Program | Events

Closing Conference of the Regional Thematic Network

Human Rights and Social Justice – Perspectives from the MENA-Region.


14.09.2017 | Economic Policies for Social Justice | Events

Alternative Economy and employment

The prospects and types of employment in new and emerging sectors of the economy in the MENA were the subject of the expert workshop. The workshop was…


29.06.2017 | Economic Policies for Social Justice | Events

North Africa’s Trade Arrangements: Complementarities and Contradictions with the CFTA

The establishment of a Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) are currently debated within the African Union. Which place will North Africa assume in…


02.06.2017 | Economic Policies for Social Justice | Events

Theme Week “Time for Justice”: Marginalization in the Maghreb

“Regions left behind” was the theme of a panel discussion and movie screening in Berlin on the subject of social and economic marginalization in the…


24.05.2017 | Economic Policies for Social Justice | Events

ALECA: Challenges for the Maghreb countires

The countries of the Maghreb are increasingly part of negotiations with the European Union for new trade agreements. Tunisia and Morocco are currently…



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