21.01.2020 | FES Regional Peace and Security Project | Events

Events in London and Washington discuss latest FES Iran publication

The conversation covered critical reflections on the implications of sanctions for Iran’s domestic and foreign policy, the objectives of US policy…


16.01.2020 | FES Regional Peace and Security Project | Events

FES Maghreb Dialogue: “From Law and Order to Human Security: A Political Approach to Border Security in the Maghreb”

The conference brought together members of civil society from Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia.


01.12.2019 | Trade Union Program | Events

The regional meeting for the Migrant Domestic Workers in the MENA region

The meeting was attended by 10 leaders representing 8 domestic workers’ groups from the MENA region. From the 10 leaders, 9 are MDWs (8 females and 1…


14.11.2019 | FES Regional Peace and Security Project | Events

Lebanese Armed Forces Training

Peace and Security in the MENA Region has facilitated trainings on human rights in places of detention for the Lebanese Armed Forces.


08.11.2019 | FES Regional Peace and Security Project | Events

Workshops for Students from the School of International Relations Tehran: Introduction to the Foreign Policy of Germany

The program included an interactive discussion sessions on global foreign policy issues with German and international students from Berlin to exchange…


04.11.2019 | FES Regional Peace and Security Project | Events

Presentation and discussion of new FES Iran publication

Perspectives on the strategic implications of the US “maximum pressure” campaign against Iran.


25.10.2019 | Climate and Energy | Events

FES at 10th IBEF: Enabling Women in Sustainable Energy Field

FES conducted a workshop brought together a diversified mix of regional and international speakers and panelists from six countries in the MENA…


15.10.2019 | Economic Policies for Social Justice | Events

Housing, land and properties rights: How does it impact conflicts

Ensuring social housing is a complex but critical part of addressing the impact of conflict on civilians, according to new FES study.


22.08.2019 | Program Migration | Events

Interregional trade union solidarity and migration - Unions affirm their commitment

The Fifth General Assembly of the RSMMS was a major trade union event on migration issues. From 2nd to 4th July 2019, thirty organizations and more…


15.07.2019 | Climate and Energy | Events

Why small is beautiful – Decentralized small scale solar power is the solution

The report highlights the socio-economic benefits of decentralized solar systems from international experience with illustrations on the Jordanian…



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