From Beirut to Khartoum and from Rabat to Teheran, our FES colleagues, partners as well as guest contributors share their insights from the ground and offer food for thought on current developments in the MENA region.

The views expressed in this blog series are not necessarily those of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung.

Blog News

30.01.2020 | Blog

Australia: Paradise Lost 

Australia's biodiversity is under increased threat. This time it is climate change.


31.10.2019 | Blog

Order to the Chaos: Understanding and addressing the intersecting conflicts in the MENA region

On the sidelines of the FES Peace and Security Summer Academy, FES MENA interviewed Joost Hiltermann, the Program Director, Middle East & North...


31.10.2019 | Blog

Syria’s reconstruction must take a wider view of housing, land and property rights

The Syrian efforts at reconstruction must be careful to avoid perpetuating the inequities that contributed to the conflict in the first place. A key...


15.07.2019 | Blog

How electric mobility can succeed

In addition to Norway, Jordan is considered a world pioneer of electric mobility.



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